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In addition to selling fine pre-owned jewellery and watches, Van Rijk Jewellers purchases jewellery, watches, platinum, gold, diamonds, and silver from the public. With over 25 years as a trusted buyer, we pride ourselves on offering premium prices for your high quality merchandise. Our expert appraisers have extensive knowledge and experience and always keep abreast of current market rates in order to offer you the most competitive value for your items.

When you sell an item at Van Rijk Jewellers, you can generally choose to receive a competitive cash offer, an even higher in-store credit, or cash plus trade value. Whether you are looking for some extra cash or just wanting to update your collection, Van Rijk Jewellers is the place to go. If you select in-store credit, you have the opportunity to acquire a wonderful, new item from one of Toronto’s largest collections of pre-owned jewellery and watches. This affords you the luxury of upgrading your items and confidently knowing that you have received the highest trade value available. When you shop at Van Rijk Jewellers, your purchase will never lose its value.

If you wish to sell an item to us, please call (416) 440-1233 or (416) 440-0123 to arrange an appointment with one of our buyers. Kindly note that we cannot provide quotations over the phone.